Sunday, February 05, 2006

Movie Watch

It seems a number of exceedingly awesome films are, or are quite likely to be upon us in a short time. The Russian metaphysical action film "Nochnoi Dozor" (Night Watch) is apparently opening in a few weeks or a little later, depending on where you are.

Still more fascinating, Mel Gibson's tale of a civilization collapsing in upon itself (parallels, anyone?) will open this summer. And yes, Apocalypto (meaning "unveiling") is all in a language no one understands (Mayan this time).

And, a movie I greatly hope to see, Into Great Silence, a meditative exploration of the life of the monastery of Grand Chartreuse.

As for interesting little bits of culture, Superman Returns appears to be going with the messianic theme for all it's worth. Just listen to the voiceover towards the end of the trailer. Sure, it's a little on the Pelagian side, but how much can one really ask of secular, effete Hollywood?


Blogger Harrison said...

I wanna see the one about the Carthusians very badly, I hope it comes to Victoria, though I doubt it will.


February 05, 2006 9:31 PM  

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