Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Well, Canada's Hockey team is out of the medals, losing a tough and well-fought 2-0 game to a talented Russian team. Canada versus Russia is the quintessential hockey rivalry, and so it is a little less hard to lose to them. The pity is that this wasn't a final.

The rest of the day was good for Canada- Cindy Klassen won gold in the 1,500 with teammate Kristina Groves winning silver in the same race.

Chandra Crawford won the women's cross-country sprint gold, and the Canadian women won silver in the speed-skating relay.

There is a tendency for some Canadians to see Men's Hockey as being the only important event in the Olympics. Such an attitude could not be more wrong- we've seen glorious victories and noble efforts from many Canadian athletes representing the best of our nation. Ignoring the champions in other sports denigrates the breadth and the greatness of Canada.


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