Saturday, April 08, 2006

Not about Orthodoxy!

But there'll be something later. For now, a few interesting things over the wires: The Wall Street Journal has two important articles up: Paul Rusesabagina (Hotel Rwanda) writes on the greatest tragedy of our times- and a tragic indictement of Western liberal indifference, the Darfur Genocide. He proposes the creation of a 10,000 strong rapid reaction force under UN auspices to guard against genocide- I'd add that this is the sort of thing Canada can and should undertake, UN or not. Our past Liberal government was fond of emphasizing "human security" in our foreign affairs. But it was all talk- and we didn't even see the Liberals lead the way in proposing intervention to end the Darfur genocide. At the same time they allowed our military to decline into irrelevance, eliminating our capacity to intervene effectively ourselves.

Ross Douthat (who participated in the Crunchy Con blog) says we should embrace the "Theocon" label, and makes an interesting claim: "contemporary "theoconservatism" is best understood as an heir to America's long line of Christ-haunted reform movements--the abolitionists and the populists, the progressives and the suffragettes, the civil-rights crusaders and even the antiwar activist of the middle 1960s, among whom Richard John Neuhaus (now the "theocon in chief" to his enemies, but then a man of the religious left) cut his teeth." I'm not sure I agree with all that he suggests, but the general direction is sound.

Amy Welborn has been posted a fair bit on the Gospel of Judas nonsense, pointing to lots more discussion. Some of it isn't exactly encouraging.

And Stephen Harper managed one of the all-time great Question Period answers in his first QP as PM- Don Martin describes it thus:
The Prime Minister stood accused of seducing former Liberal minister David Emerson to cross the floor and join his Cabinet. "Mr. Speaker," he responded, "I do not think I have ever been accused of seducing anyone, even my wife." He paused to see if he was in trouble before his spouse nodded. "And I see there's some agreement in the gallery." It brought down the House.


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