Monday, December 05, 2005

Blogging Catch-Up

There's a few things I've failed to get around to noting over the last couple weeks-

Firstly, I've added the charming Dilexit Prior to my links- she's a fellow Vancouver-area Catholic blogger, studying at Redeemer Pacific.

Secondly, I've also placed the Catholic Educators' Resource Centre in my links- it's based up the coast, and run by a true gentleman, Fraser Field. It is simply the single best resource on the net for Catholic commentary.

Lastly, I've missed noting a couple of wonderful posts on the liturgy over at Al Kimel's Pontifications. The rightly famed Fr. Jay Scott Newman of St. Mary's, Greenville has a wonderful post on restoring beauty and reverence to the Latin Rite. Anthony Esolen, whose translation of the Divine Comedy I've been meaning to get started makes a number of essential observations on the use of language in the liturgy. Both posts are among the best comments on their subjects I have read.


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