Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Miscellany

The Post (now a shadow of its former self in its days under the wing of the felon Black) has a piece on Don Cherry (it's completely bizarre he's become my favourite subject). Anyways, the piece argues that Cherry is principally a moralist:
Cherry's most frequent subject of moral concern on Coach's Corner is honour. Hit from behind: no honour. Cheap shot: no honour. Gooning (which is to a fair fight as brigandry is to chivalry): no honour. Showboating, or showing a lack of modesty: no honour. Wearing a visor, hacking with your stick and then refusing to fight: no honour, times three. The rules of honour, which Cherry will also refer to as the "warrior's code" or simply "the code," reflect what a political scientist would call "natural law": Those who believe in the code hold that it transcends the written rules of hockey, and is superior to them. And to uphold the code, sometimes you have to break the law...
In other news, I got turned down for a date- in the pleasantest manner imaginable. Which, of course, makes me regret the loss all the more. But cushioning the blow is my suspicion that this is one of those times where providence & grace are acting. Very rarely do I feel that something is has happened for a greater purpose- but in this case I felt it almost immediately. A quite unusual sensation.

Lastly, I think I shall take up pen & ink, and write to some far-flung cousins (by which I mean, living in Victoria & Calgary). As much as this medium has some benefits, I doubt that there shall ever be a better way to communicate at a distance than the letter. Plus, nothing beats receiving letters- getting them in the mail, opening them, reading them a half dozen times before figuring out one's respnse. Now, if only I could get a nice fountain pen. Perhaps I shall ask for one for Christmas.


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