Friday, August 26, 2005

Bishop Fellay & The SSPX

Bishop Fellay, the superior-general of the SSPX is meeting with Benedict XVI on Monday, and there's renewed speculation we might see reconciliation. What are the possibilities? There's talk of a universal indult (a misnomer, since the Vatican will limit itself to the Western Rite). The SSPX might be given a world-wide apostolic administration (possibly, or even probably in conjunction with the FSSP) for the Tridentine Rite. Perhaps we would see a number of apostolic administrations, with the SSPX bishops installed in some (save it would appear, Williamson, for whom reconciliation would appear to be a vain hope- and even were it achieved, would almost certainly not be allowed to have his own diocese) , and newly ordained bishops from the FSSP installed in others. Perhaps Fellay could would be recognized as some sort of Archepiscopal role. The excommunications would have to be revoked of course, and some sort of recognition would have to be worked out as to tricky canonical problems like SSPX-recognized annulments. On a theological note, it will be far easier for Fellay to bring the rank and file along if Benedict allows for a little ultramontanism in theory; a recognition that the State ought to not merely accommodate the Faith, but to cooperate and work to advance the Faith. Let us all pray for reconciliation, not only of the SSPX, but also for the Orthodox and Oriental Churches, and for Anglo-Catholics.


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